Baltic Sea Aquarium tour

Your underwater journey through OZEANEUM’s aquaria starts with the Baltic Sea. You will see the different local marine habitats on our doorstep.

21 show aquaria with a capacity of up to 126,000 litres provide a living space for bigger and smaller sea dwellers of the Baltic Sea. Discover popular species like pikes, herrings or moon jellyfish but also learn about less common creatures such as lumpsuckers, pipefish, Russian sturgeons and many more.

All aquaria are outfitted with complex technical equipment and designed close to nature. Every tank has its individual water circuit that allows adapting salinity, water temperature or water current accordingly. Many of the bigger aquaria have floor-level panes. Travel from Stralsund’s harbour basin over the bodden biotope to the eelgrass meadows and the chalk coast off Rügen. Then cross the open Baltic Sea from there.

A school of herrings with more than 1,000 individuals illustrates sea life in open waters. Once you have arrived the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea, the Archipelago Sea, you continue travelling along Sweden’s coast and get an impression of life in the river mouths. Your tour finally ends in the Kattegat, the doorway to the North Sea.