Baltic Sea exhibition

The Baltic Sea – the ocean right on our doorstep – plays an important role at OZEANEUM. An imaginary route through the Baltic Sea and along its coast portrays different types of coastlines and their characteristic habitats. You will get to know essentials and processes of this special inland sea and learn about man’s influence on such a sensitive ecosystem.

The Baltic Sea exhibition also intends to draw the visitor’s attention to environmental concerns in order to raise an increasing public awareness of marine protected areas. All showcases are matched with display cabinets on the wall that additionally focus on particular topics and interesting details.

A room installation makes up the centre of the exhibition. It is devoted to plankton – the biocoenosis on which all marine life is based. The installation is bordered by the blue edges of five big showcases and supplemented by two show cabinets on the wall. In order to visualize microorganisms to the naked eye, models have been scaled up 25 to 4,000 times, so you can get an idea of the variety of marine life in the open sea.

The exhibition not only focuses on plankton, fishes and molluscs of the Baltic Sea but birds and mammals of the region which are displayed in their natural environment. You may encounter a seal at any time – not live animals of course but various showpieces like our elaborately preserved specimens shown in the “seal showcase”. The “seal table” is the perfect place for a funny photo break when you emerge from the water head to head with a seal.