OZEANEUM has been designed as an open and spacious complex that provides easy accessibility for all visitors. In 2017, OZEANEUM was awarded “Accessibility certified”, a certificate which is recognized throughout Germany.


All exhibitions and aquaria are accessible by using elevators. Please note the pictographs for wheelchairs and prams in our building plan.


PAUSCH-Bistro at OZEANEUM is located at ground level. You can choose between different breakfast and lunch offers, drinks and snacks.


The main entrance during summer season is at ground level. It has two automatic swinging doors, each 1.14 metres wide. The off-season side entrance is also at ground level but without automatic doors. Please ask our staff for help.


Lockers are located at ground level at OZEANEUM’s foyer.

Wheelchairs & rollators

Wheelchairs and rollators are available for rent at OZEANEUM. Please note: Indoor use only!

Reservation recommended! Call: 03831 2650 704

Accessible parking

Accessible parking is available close to OZEANEUM.

4 parking spaces – Neue Badenstraße

10 parking spaces at car park  "Am OZEANEUM"

6 parking spaces at car park  "Am Hafen"

Accessible parking map

Seating areas

There is adequate seating capacity in every tour of OZEANEUM.


All restrooms are equipped with barrier-free sanitary installations.


Tel.: 03831 2650 704            E-Mail: info{at}