Hanseatic City of Stralsund

Already from afar you will notice Stralsund’s confidence and beauty: Gothic brick churches soar into the Baltic sky like lighthouses standing strong against the sea and shifting political tides. Pomeranian, Swedish and Prussian rule has left its marks on the city throughout the centuries. However, its Hanseatic footing has never been shaken. Churches, monasteries and merchants’ houses are still standing.

The roads and alleys of the old town still run the same courses like when they were planned back in medieval times. And if you walk them, you will feel the history that tells of master architecture and trading power, civic pride and maritime atmosphere and of resistance and concord.

For the centuries, Stralsund’s citizens have preserved a unique cultural treasure that was finally included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2002. An impressive old town, exciting museums and exhibitions and the location by the sea which has always shaped Stralsund’s character until today add to the charm of the city. Discover the legacy of the Hanseatic League along the West-Pomeranian Baltic coast and visit us.

For more information on Stralsund visit: www.stralsundtourismus.de