North Sea Aquarium tour

The end of the Baltic Sea tour just marks the start of your discovery journey through the North Sea. One of the biggest North Sea creatures will welcome you at the tour’s beginning. A nine-metre-long 1:1 model of an impressive basking shark will catch your eye.

Observe the biodiversity of the mud flats from above and find that it is not easy to spot some of the dug in sea dwellers like flounders or plaices. Your journey leads you over Brittany to Heligoland where anglerfish, codfish and the rare ling swim through a tunnel aquarium with a capacity of 200,000 litres.

The shore aquarium features an impressive surging billow and is home to numerous colourful wrasses. After having visited the Scottish Sea Caves that display the rarely shown John Dory you will proceed to the north. The ice-cold waters of North Norway are the living space of many bizarre crabs, anemones and starfish. Since 2015, you can observe a very special yet hardly explored biosphere at OZEANEUM. Small light spots allow you to get a sneak peek at the anthozoans that live in the depth and darkness of a cold water coral reef.

Next, you are about to see more dwellers of Norway’s deep sea like rose fish and the European seabass. Your underwater journey then continues southbound to open waters. Witness those frail moon jellyfish floating weightlessly through the aquarium.

At the end of the tour you will reach the giant “Open Atlantic” aquarium which is inhabited by a variety of different underwater species.