Children's Sea

After a magnificent tour through the lively creature world of the Northsea aquarium, visitors will come upon the “Children’s Sea” exhibit on the roof of the building. This beautifully designed space is a terrific place for kids to hang out and play.

In keeping with its dune landscape theme, thanks to the exhibit’s nearly 40 meter long and naturalistically painted wall mural, it’s almost like being at the beach itself. Moreover, there is loads to see in this mural, which is replete with animals and coastal scenes that visitors of all ages will surely enjoy discovering.

Those who’d like to do more than just look can climb up to the top of the lighthouse.  From its dome, which extends above the roof of the OZEANEUM, there’s a panoramic view of the city. Naturalistic stone statutes by the Ruegen-based artist Mile Prerad are terrific for climbing and sitting.

Adults who’d like to take it easy can sit on a beach chair or on one of the breakwaters and watch children play.

But the real attraction of the exhibit can only be experienced by those who venture onto the roof, from which there’s a magnificent view over Stralsund. After taking in this view, visitors can proceed to our penguin area.