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41. Contact  
Address: NATUREUM Darßer Ort Darßer Ort 1-3 18375 Born am Darß Germany How to reach us: Tel.: +49 38233 304 Fax: +49 38233 70448 Contact NATUREUM Kontaktformular

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42. Staff  
Scientific Staff Burkard Baschek Scientific Director +49 3831 2650-200       Timo Moritz Head of Department +49 3831 2650-370 …

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43. Press Releases  
Ocean Museum Germany (Last updated: December 2023) In 1951, a small municipal natural history museum moved into the former St. Catherine’s Monastery in Stralsund. The museum thrived and quickly…

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44. Press Photos  
Press photos "Ab ins Meer" - International Year of the Reef Press photos "Kein Plastik Meer" Press photos "10 years OZEANEUM" Press photos "UNDERWATER NOISE" Press Photos Find press photos…

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45. Press Contact  
Press Contact and Credentials If you are planning to visit our museum locations for research/investigation purposes, please contact us prior to your stay (a couple of business days before) so we can…

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46. 240305_ausschreibung_scientist_pal-ce_W_OZ_009.pdf  
Job offer code: W/OZ/009 The Ocean Museum Germany in Stralsund is a natural history museum of national and international importance. It encompasses the MEERESMUSEUM, OZEANEUM, NATUREUM, und NAUTINEUM…  
47. PAL-CE  
PAL-CE PAL-CE PAL-Use in German Waters - Current efficiency and mode of operation Kurzname PAL-CE: PAL use in German waters - Current efficiency and mode of operation …

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Search results 41 until 50 of 693